Today is the 26th April and Scotland is opening up, with shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and accomodation all opening up after 4 months of closure due to Covid. YAY!!

People have been able to travel throughout Scotland for a few weeks now but not a lot of things were open so you could go somewhere further than your local area for exercise but not much else, but now there are reasons to travel around the country.

What this means is I have been preparing my studio to have customers in now that tourists will be able to visit Pitlochry again. I am not open quite yet, I need to find out if I need permission to have roadside signs, but I’ll keep you posted. I’ve mentioned the studio before, it’s the log cabin I built last summer during the heatwave, as well as creating the pond in front of it.

Yarn Studio

That is not to say I won’t be taking my yarns to craft fairs and markets as usual, but that I will also have a permanent base which I hope to open occassionally, mainly at weekends. Meanwhile, a reminder that as well as my hand dyed yarn there is also progress keepers, stitch markers and beautiful project bags, all available in the online shop. Check it out.

Baxter Design Pooh Bear project bag

What else have I been up to over the last month? Well, the weather has been kind, so a good bit of gardening, more correclty described as digging out ground elder, and I’ve been out for some trips on the bike. I’ve been north to House of Bruar and south to Dunkeld on the bike. Confession time, I’ve had the bike for a while but not really used it as much as I should, but living on the side of a hill means almost every journey finishes with a 1.6mile uphill climb of 350ft (2.6km and 106m climb), so earlier this year I converted it to an e-bike which gives assistance to get up the hills. The advantage is I am enjoying going further on the bike.

Tay Valley from above Dunkeld

Now that we can travel, and visitor attractions are begining to open up again I think it’s time to plan a weekend away. Probably a couple of nights in Edinburgh, and a trip to Dovecot Gallery for starters, and a chance of going to a pub for a pint!! I’ll let you know next month how it goes.

Until then, keep crafting.

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