2023 and it’s been a while!

A selection of tonal yarns

Hi there, it’s been a long time since I sat down and wrote a blog post, sorry if you have been witing with baited breath for the next newsworthy post, I just let things slide a bit, which is quite topical for there’s a fair amount of snow outside as I type this on the 12th of March 2023. I realise that means that Moulin Yarns has somehow passed it’s 10th, yes TENTH ANNIVERSARY!!!

The Studio, home to Moulin Yarns

Where has the time gone? Well, for me last year was most successful with the studio open to customers between Easter and September and boy, was it good? Well yeah! Bearing in mind that it’s just a part time venture born out a hobby there were lots of visitors to the studio, as well as Moulin Yarns taking part in Craft Fairs, Gala Days, Highland Games and a Yarns Show it was a busy old year!

Something I noticed was the number of customers from outside of the UK, so I started making a note of the destinations that yarn was heading for and I put up a world map so I could track the destinations and it was amazing to realise that Moulin Yarns was going as far as California, Vancouver and New Zealand! Selling wool to New Zealand, home to 26 Million sheep!

Looking ahead the studio will again open over the Easter weekend and be open from then on, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during April and May, then Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday from June through to the end of September apart from 2 short breaks in June and August, we all need to have holidays after all! Check the Events Page to see when we are closed as well as where you will find us at Craft fairs. One difference is that the studio will remain open even when we are attending events because the wonderfull Knitting Mayhem will be manning the studio on those days.

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